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Bohemian Style Clothing at a glance

Posted on May 23 2016

Bohemian Style Clothing at a glance

Hey Boho girls! We're bringing you a new weekly blog all about bohemian style clothing. We figured there's no better place to start than a quick overview of bohemian fashion.

What does Bohemian Style Clothing represent?

Women wearing bohemian style clothing are often fiery, independent, and generally aware of themselves. The fashion sends  the message of a world where we have power; where we can express ourselves through gritty fashion and let it be known that we are independent! A new idea has evolved through the works of bohemian fashion, the idea that women can rock the outdoors style while still maintaining comfort, as well as the idea that women have the power to change fashion as they will.

Madison wearing bohemian style clothing for the day

A Brief History of Bohemian Fashion

As you can imagine, bohemian style clothing has come quite a ways from its original inception in France over 200 years ago. Since its early stages it has been accepted as an exotic alternative to fashion norms.  Bohemian fashion was historically applied to the fashion worn by those who have pushed the bounds of conventional society and wanted to stand out from the crowd. ( It was originally worn by artists, writers, and intellectuals in the 1800's. The boho style has always been for women who have the power to influence the outcome of their own life. Boho fashion has evolved from its humble gypsy roots but still maintains the same message of freedom and living outside the box.

The Evolution of Bohemian Style Clothing

Today's bohemian style clothing has come a long way from its roots. Bohemian style clothing combines light and loose fitting fabrics with soft tones such as beige, cream, black, white, brown, and faded denim. It's also often printed with a unique pattern. Sporting boho style jewelry with the outfit is often used to add a splash of color.

Today's bohemian fashion features soft tones

What's it mean to be a Boho Girl?

Bohemian style clothing has maintained its original principles. It allows us to express our need to stand out without going to the furthest reaches of fashion. It allows us to make our mark on our peers without looking like we're trying too hard and sacrificing our comfort.

 In 2006, designer Savannah Miller described "a real bohemian" as "someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a profound romantic, doesn't know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box"

Madison sporting bohemian style clothing

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